Solutions for Tour Operators
Solutions for Tour Operators
AI + Chat = 24x7 Service and More Bookings
"These guys really know how to leverage chat technology for tour operators. My Messenger chatbot brings in new customers daily and now my website answers questions using AI 24x7 freeing up my time so I can focus on running tours"
Mark Muscat
An AI Question & Answer chat system for your website, Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp pages, all simply controlled from a Google Sheet
"Eliminates hallucinations. Gives you total control over answers to any question with integrations to Rezdy, FareHarbor, WooCommerce and more coming."
Vic Ratnieks
Client Stories: KGSS
A game changer
King George Sound Safari uses a Messenger chatbot to inform, educate, entertain and offer promotions to his customers.
"My Facebook Messenger chatbot has opened up whole new marketing capabilities and taken my business to another level. I’ve never been busier!"
Mark Muscat
Industry Stories: Slide 3
Hospitality and fast food takeaway
Takeaway is a perfect application for Messenger and POS Chat integrates with a Google Sheet & the SwiftPOS Point of Sale system
"Messenger is a better platform than a website because it offers live engagement with your customers"
Mark Warren
Client Stories: Slide 3
A game changer
Orders are sent directly into our SwiftPOS system from Messenger and printed in the bar & kitchen
"Messenger is a better platform than a website because it offers live engagement with your customers"
Mark Warren
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Bremer Bay Beaches Resort Tourist Park
Bremer Bay Beaches Resort Tourist Park Logo

We have just created a stunning new website with Vic at Align Systems for our Caravan Park- Bremer Bay Beaches Resort Tourist Park.

From start to finish, Vic has worked with us to understand our unique business needs and the goals we wished to achieve with the creation of our new site.

Align Systems has a well-structured approach to developing a client website and understanding the needs of their clients and going over and above to deliver a well thought out website design and aesthetics. We highly recommend Align Systems for any website design!

The Sleeping Lady Private Retreat
The Sleeping Lady Private Retreat - Porongurup, Western Australia

I first came across Vic from Align Systems through working with him on a new website for our community association. So, when I started to have complications with my own business website, I had absolutely no hesitation in seeking advice from Vic.

He resolved all the problems that we were experiencing, as well as handling all the transfer of hosting and domain registrations. Vic always goes above and beyond. His passion and commitment to the project really shows. He is very thorough and I like the logical way he works, keeping me informed every step of the way.

I can always trust Vic to give me his honest opinion, and I know he will help me to keep improving my website and advising me in the best way forward for years to come.

Studio Commuan
Studio Commuan

Studio Commuan in Thailand uses the Align Systems Red Bucket plugin for Manychat to make images uploaded using our Messenger chatbot permanent and load fast.

การที่ไฟล์หมดอายุในการจัดเก็บเป็นปัญหาอย่างมากในการพัฒนา Chatbot แต่เมื่อได้ใช้ Redbucket แล้วทำให้มองเห็นความเป็นไปได้ในการพัฒนา Bot ในรูปแบบอื่นๆได้อีก มันช่วยทำให้ธุรกิจของฉันพัฒนาไปอย่างยั่งยืน

File expiration is a huge obstacle for Chatbot Development. Red Bucket can extend the possibility of creating a variety of chatbots. It helps our business grow sustainably.

Bremer Bay Break Aways
Bremer Bay Break Aways

Vic was given a massive task of creating a new website for my growing holiday accommodation business in the South Coast town of Bremer Bay in WA. I had previously worked with Vic on a community website project and I knew he would be the best person for this mammoth job.

I needed something that incorporated online booking as well as integration with multi-nationals like AirBnB and the likes, the target was to try and encourage people to book local. I am happy to say it’s still early days but we are already reaping the positive results.

Vic’s attention to detail is impeccable. From the basics in layout right through to the most technical aspect, Google Ads and social media advertising, he really takes the time to put himself not only in his clients shoes but in the customers which is so important. By doing this he really does produce the best websites in Australia. Do yourself a favour and get Vic working on your team now!!

Porongurup Promotions Association
Find Yourself - In the Porongurups

I would personally like to thank Vic who has done a fabulous job with our new website Vic has been very professional throughout the whole process, exceptionally thorough and clear and has gone above and beyond with his help and guidance.

Career Crossroads International
Career Crossroads International

If you are looking for someone to assist you with creating a new website or updating your current one you can’t go wrong with engaging Vic at Align.

Vic brings a solid background of knowledge, experience and ideas to the table.

He is diligent and thorough, getting the job done on-time and budget.

King George Sound Safari
Mark on the Young Salty Dog

Vic approached me with a idea to do something different to attract new customers and build my tour boat business. He re-designed my website and my brochure so it was more appealing and spelled out clearly what our tours were about. It has definitely brought in new customers.

But the Facebook Messenger Chatbot has opened up whole new marketing capabilities and taken my business to another level. I’ve never been busier!

Founder, Nail'd at Tiffany's - Vegan Nail Polish - Cruelty Free - Made in Australia
Nail'd at Tiffany's - Vegan Nail Polish - Cruelty Free - Made in Australia

Vic was fantastic with helping to set up my new website. From the beginning he was knowledgeable about the best way to go about things and always available to answer any questions.

I had a tight timeframe to launch my new website and Vic made sure it was done on time and I am extremely happy with the results. I've already had sales in the first week of the launch!

I'd definitely recommend Vic.

Louise Skačej
Louise Skačej - Artist and Sculptor - Melbourne, Australia

I’m part of a design studio with an existing website and was looking to expand the profile of my individual sculptural practice. I wanted a new separate website that linked physically and aesthetically to the design studio website but with custom features that catered for the variety of mediums and projects within my personal folio.

Vic was extremely easy to communicate with and worked seamlessly within the given parameters. He also gently guided me towards structures and features that support a variety of devices and directed me towards cheaper and more efficient providers.

I was in a group show where the curator made a last minute request that all signage included a website link and Vic worked extremely efficiently and with good humour within a very tight timeframe and was always quick in providing suggestions and mockups.

I’m very happy with the final result and look forward to working with Vic again when we upgrade our original design studio website.

Dean Colls
Dean Colls constructing Rex Australis

It was time to update my website and Vic was recommended to me by a friend.

I’m an artist and designer and knew exactly what I wanted. This probably makes me the client from hell but Vic understood what I needed from the get-go and quickly had a mockup together for me to approve.

He was able to smoothly implement the changes I wanted and made sensible and appropriate suggestions along the way including putting me onto a new Australian web host that's cheaper and more reliable than my old one.

The whole experience was transparent and easy, and I'm very pleased with the result.

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