Increase tour bookings by integrating your Rezdy bookings system with ManyChat and Facebook Messenger

Rezdy is a great booking system designed to make life easier for tour & activity operators. Integrating your Rezdy system with Facebook Messenger opens up a whole new raft of possibilities to give your business a competitive edge.

ManyChat is a leading Facebook Messenger marketing tool that lets you create chatbots for marketing, sales and support. We can help you build a bot if you don’t already have one. See an example of a bot we built for King George Sound Safari, a small tour boat operator.

Imagine this…

You’ve run some Facebook ads to get people to message your Facebook page and you’ve setup some auto responders to answer common questions. But what if they want to know how many seats are available on your tour tomorrow morning or if they could join a last minute alert system which could send them offers at special prices, or offer them a Rezdy Coupon to get them over the line, all without you lifting a finger? All automated, with the sole aim of bringing you more customers.

That’s what a Facebook Messenger chatbot can do, especially one that integrates with Rezdy and WordPress/WooCommerce.

Show Next Tour information for your products from Rezdy on Facebook Messenger

We have released a “Next-Tours” feature that works with ManyChat which allows the next “x” number of tours for your Rezdy product codes to be retrieved, along with the start time, duration and number of passengers available.

This is especially handy if you work with associated businesses or tourism partners such as visitor centres or caravan parks where they can simply send your messenger page a word like “next” and your next tours are displayed. This helps other businesses promote your tours as they know exactly when you’re going and how many seats are available. This works great for not only customers, but places like caravan parks where they can get the latest bookings availability and write this information up on their notice boards for their customers and help promote your tours.

Here is a sample output on Facebook Messenger from one of our customers’ Tours:

Example of ManyChat message returned from next-tours Rezdy API call
  • Green tick indicates tour has a partial booking but not full (we want to draw customers’ attention to book these)
  • Black tick indicates tour has not had any bookings yet
  • Red cross indicates tour is full


    You need to have an account with ManyChat linked to your Facebook business page. We can help you with that if you don’t already use ManyChat.

    Adding a simple external request from ManyChat

    The code to retrieve the next tour information is as simple as creating an External Request Action. Change the Request Type to a GET and enter the following Request URL along with some query parameters which you can customise.

    Product Codes is a comma (,) delimited list of Rezdy Product Codes. To get these for your Inventory Items is easy. Just Logon to your Rezdy dashboard ( and Click on Inventory -> My Products. In the Code column, it’s the second one, generally 6 characters long e.g. PHWQ1A

    You can specify multiple product codes in the call, separating them with commas (,).

    In Headers, you’ll need two API Keys:

    X-API-KeyWe will assign you an API Key upon subscription. If you’d like to trial the system, request access via our Contact form and we’ll email you an API Key that you can use for 14 days.
    Rezdy-API-KeyGet this from your Rezdy System (Integrations -> Rezdy API)

    In Response Mapping:
    $.statusThis will return as either success or error
    $.summaryIf status is success this is a summary of all sessions found. (Everything under Next Tours are on: in the above image)
    $.num_sessionsThe number of sessions found

    Sample ManyChat Flow showing Next Tours from Rezdy

    Note: Our API should also work with other messenger bot building tools such as ChatFuel, but we haven’t tested that yet. If you use ChatFuel and would like to try it, please contact us.

    Secure and Reliable

    Our API’s are hosted on Google’s Cloud Platform for reliability, security and speed.

    Contact us if interested.