Lock in your Australian .au domain before 20 September 2022 before it becomes publically available

There is a new Australian domain name ending simply in .au being released to the general public on 4 October 2022 e.g. yourbusiness.au. It is available for registration now, but if the name already has an existing .com.au, .net.au etc. equivalent, those registrants will take priority if they have already applied for it. However, if the name is not taken and as long as it’s related to your Australian business, organisation etc. as it needs to be connected to your ABN then you can register it. We can help you secure your .au domain, simply contact us or chat with us on the bottom right.

Why do you need a .au domain if you’ve already got a .com.au?

You don’t but it could be a valuable piece of Internet real estate to own for only a few dollars because it forms part of your Australian brand. Plus it’s shorter and pretty cool! The cost to register through us is only $25 per year. For that we’ll work with you to help you secure your .au domain and manage it for you. If you host your domain and website with us, we’ll also set it up so that it re-directs to your existing website.

If you already own a .com.au domain (or one of the others) you may be eligible for priority in the registration process to secure your .au domain otherwise anyone will be able to register it from 4 October 2022.

There are 2 levels of Priority:

  • Priority 1 if your domain was registered on or before 4 February 2018
  • Priority 2 if your domain was registered after 4 February 2018 and before 24 March 2022

Priority 1 gets priority over Priority 2 if the name is applied for before 20 September 2022 (but get in ASAP if you want it because they can be applied for by anyone from 4 October 2022). If there are 2 or more Priority 1 holders then there’s a contested process to follow and only one person can get the .au through negotiation between the domain holders.

Check if you have a Priority 1 or 2 domain

Use this AUDA Priority Status Tool to enter your domain name and see if any one else has applied for it. Even if they have you should still apply (we can do it for you) because if you are Priority 1 and they are 2 you will secure your .au domain.


Register a different .au domain

If you’d like to register another domain ending in .au we can do that now, as long as it’s related to your Australian business, organisation etc. as it needs to be connected to your ABN.

Got any questions or would like us to help you?

If you have any questions or if you would like us to help you secure your .au domain, just get in contact with us. Please spread the word to any one else that needs to know this important information on securing their .au domain.

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