POS Chat - A Point of Sale App for Facebook Messenger

POS Chat allows your customers to view and order products directly from your Facebook Messenger page. It works from a Google Sheet of products or integrates directly with the SwiftPOS Point of Sale (POS) System.

Upon credit card payment, it sends the order directly into your POS system and updates the Google Sheet, which you can keep open on a tablet. If your POS system is down, the order is sent via SMS as a failsafe.

With the addition of an optional device, when an order arrives, a short bell is sounded and a blue light flashes to indicate an order has arrived. A reset button cancels the light. This device is handy to alert staff that an online order has arrived and to either check for it in the POS system or to enter it manually if not integrated with your POS System.

Point your camera at the QR Code or click on it for a live demo.

POS Chat can be used for selling any sort of product but a very popular use is as a Fast Food/Takeaway App supporting both pickup and delivery.

The delivery option uses Google Maps to work out distance to your venue when calculating if delivery is possible and cost.

When dining in, customers can use the app to order directly from their table using their phone or tablet, saving your staff time and perfect for COVID safe ordering!


  • Integrates with a Google Sheet so you are in control
  • Integrates with the SwiftPOS Point of Sale system so there is no need to re-key Products and orders are automatically sent to SwiftPOS. Let us know what POS system you use and we’ll see if we can integrate with it
  • Allows you to upload and change images for your products right from your Messenger. We use our Red Bucket app for this so the images are stored in a secure and fast Google Cloud Bucket and served by a fast Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Supports adding or subtracting item extras with optional cost e.g. extra cheese +20 cents or no bacon -50 cents
  • Supports multiple questions e.g. Adding toppings and Cooking Style (Rare/Medium Rare etc.)
  • Supports products entered by weight or quantity or both.
  • Can calculate approximate quantity if weight entered as you can enter the average weight of a product
  • Allows products to be temporarily removed e.g. when sold out
  • Supports opening and closing times
  • Allows you to upload advertising messages and images
  • Allows you to upload a Specials image and this alerts customers who have elected to be notified of new Specials
  • Supports Pickup and Delivery
  • Delivery uses Google Maps to work out distance from your venue
  • You specify what postcodes you can deliver to and how far
  • Uses Stripe Credit Card Payment Gateway


  • POS Chat requires a ManyChat Pro subscription from USD$15 per month. As a ManyChat Agency Partner we set that up for you at no additional cost. ManyChat is the #1 platform for Chat Marketing in the world and opens up a whole raft of marketing possibilities for your business.
  • Requires a Stripe Credit Card Account to take payments

So many things! For example:

  • Every time someone orders from you, they are added to a database so you build up a list of customers over time. Building a customer database is one of the most important things a business needs to do which is used for ongoing marketing and also adds value to the business when put up for sale
  • Create and send promotional messages to your customers on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram
  • Integrate with other systems e.g. CRM/Accounts
  • Generate QR codes to place in strategic positions or business cards to start conversations
  • Use Facebook Advertising to target people traveling in your area
  • ManyChat allows you to engage with your customers and build loyalty in ways limited only by your imagination. Have a look at the ManyChat website or ask us anything!

Please contact us for a quote as businesses vary in size and requirements.