ManyChat App: Upload and optimize your images and files to a secure Google Bucket and global Content Delivery Network (CDN)


  • Makes images uploaded by your users permanent so you never get a “URL signature expired” error again!
  • Adds another Action to your ManyChat flow development so you can upload images, audio files, videos, pdf’s etc. to a Google Storage Bucket
  • Have your files served by a super fast worldwide Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • JPG & PNG’s image files are automatically compressed using EWWW Image Optimizer
  • Return values like: File Size and type of file (JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF etc.)
  • For images – the Width, Height, Original File size, Optimized File size and Percentage Saving are returned (savings over 50% are typical!)
  • Return Image EXIF Data (Such as GPS Latitude, Longitude, Altitude)
  • WebP files are automatically created and served to browsers from the CDN
Red Bucket - Upload and optimize your images and files to a Google Bucket and global Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Say goodbye to the "URL signature expired" error forever!

Have you ever seen this message and discovered that Facebook expires your images after a few weeks?

If you use the User Input Message in your ManyChat flows allowing your users to upload images, audio and videos and then in a few weeks discover Facebook has expired the file, then this simple app is for you!

It takes a file and uploads it to a secure and permanent Google Storage Bucket so it doesn’t expire.

Make your files fast to download using a CDN

It also makes that file available via a Content Delivery Network meaning your file will be served from a location closest to where you are accessing the file from. Here is a great explanation of a CDN and why you should use one.

Automatic compression of images

If your file is an image (JPG or PNG), it will be compressed without loss of noticeable quality so it’s even faster to load. We use the EWWW Image Optimizer (EasyIO) to perform the compression, using their Premium Plus compression algorithm.

This also automatically creates a WebP image file format and if you’re accessing the file from a website, the CDN will serve that format if it’s smaller and supported by the browser.

You can choose to use the original file uploaded to the Google Bucket or the optimised image on the CDN. The Action returns both URL’s.

It gives you 2 new Actions you can use in your ManyChat flows:

  1. Upload a File – Pass the URL of a file and (optionally a file name) and get back the new location on a Google Bucket and on the CDN, along with the file size and file type (JPG, PNG, PDF etc). If it’s an image, the width and height are also returned. If the image can be optimized (JPG, PNG), the new file size and percentage saving are also returned. EXIF data can also be returned such as GPS Latitude & Longitude but you’ll need to change the action to an External Action (more docs to follow about that later)
  2. Delete a File – Pass the new URL returned

14 Day FREE Trial

No credit card is required for the trial. Simply get a token from our Messenger page and install the App on your ManyChat account and give it a try.


If you don’t continue with a subscription after your trial, your files will be deleted 30 days after your trial or subscription ends. So you can re-subscribe within 30 days and your files will all be there.

All files are publicly accessible if someone knows the URL (which is date stamped and hard to guess), but they can only be deleted by you or us if you terminate your subscription.

NOTE: This is still subject to change until Red Bucket is released on the ManyChat App Store.

A suggested maximum file size is 50MB and total storage size for the base subscription is 20GB of files in your bucket per month then an additional USD$1 per month per 5GB over 20GB.

Let us know via the Survey Form in the Other field if you have suggestions.

Yes, but there are no refunds for monthly subscriptions. Yearly subscriptions will be refunded pro-rata from the date of cancellation to the next annual anniversary date of your subscription.

Simple Answer – Yes – Make sure you (or your customer) has a right to use the file and there is:

  • No Nudity or other sexually suggestive content.
  • No content that contains self-harm or excessive violence.

Long Answer – Yes, as your files are uploaded to a Google Storage Bucket, they must adhere to Google’s Acceptable Use Policy and the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

For example, if you’re using copyrighted material without the owner’s permission (and in a way that’s not covered by Fair Use), you are in violation of the DMCA. Some common examples of violations include: Using copyrighted photos in a blog post or plagiarizing content from another site.

We (Align Systems) reserve the right to delete files in violation of these terms and to suspend your subscription immediately without any refunds.

If the image is used on Facebook’s platform, it must also adhere to Facebook’s Community Standards.

Check the value of Status in the Response Mapping. It will be set to success or error. If error then the Error Messages Custom User Field will contain an error message.

If you are uploading large files to Red Bucket sometimes they can take longer than 10 seconds to complete. If this is the case, then your upload action will not be returning with any status set (success or error) and will appear to be failing. However, it is likely the file will complete in due course and a Trigger called redbucket_file_uploaded will be called when the file has been uploaded. You can then check the following fields in your Trigger Flow executed: redbucket_status, redbucket_messages, redbucket_cdn_url, redbucket_url, redbucket_file_type, redbucket_sizebefore, redbucket_sizeafter, redbucket_pctsaving, redbucket_image_width & redbucket_image_height.

Red Bucket’s are synonymous for putting out fires and this is what this App does. It solves a problem ManyChat developers face in their flows using the Image Upload option which creates a temporary file on Facebook’s servers which expires in about two weeks. Uploading the file to Red Bucket makes it permanent, optimizes it if it’s an image and makes it load fast.

They represent the date and time the file was uploaded in the format yyyymmddhhmmss (year, month, day, hour, minute, second) in Greenwich Mean Time. They are added to make the filename unique for your set of files otherwise if you upload the same file name again, the strong caching of the CDN would continue serving up your old file. If you do replace a file, remember to use the Delete File Action to delete the old file after the new one has been uploaded so you don’t accumulate file space you don’t need and might be charged for if you exceed limits. See Limits FAQ Answer.

When you upload an image file using the Message User Input Reply Type of Image or File, Facebook removes most EXIF information apart from the Width and Height, including any rotation information. If your image is rotated 90° degrees then the Width and Height are probably the wrong way around. To get around this issue, pass the URL directly to Red Bucket and don’t upload it using User Input.


Pricing is on a subscription basis per Facebook page connected to ManyChat. Discounts apply for agencies connecting multiple pages. Please Contact Us for more details or Chat with Us.

Before the App is made public on the ManyChat App Store, we are yet to finalize pricing. We would like to hear your thoughts on what you would be willing to pay.