See a Chatbot in action – Get the current weather for any town or city in Australia

Note: To try this, you’ll need Facebook Messenger.

Click here to run the app or point your phone’s camera at the QR Code. You’ll get the following message after you press Get Started to our Align Systems page.

Align Weather Chatbot

Align Weather Chatbot

You can click “Select using Map” to select any city from a map or send the location you are at right now


Click “Enter a town/city” and enter the name or part of the name of a town or city in Australia.

If the name is not unique, you’ll be asked to select from up to three choices.

On the right is an example of the weather for Alice Springs:

Example of weather in Alice Springs

Example of weather in Alice Springs

Weather data is obtained from WillyWeather and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Attention ManyChat and other bot developers

We have developed an API (Application Programming Interface) to make it easy for your bot to access Australian weather for anywhere in Australia. WillyWeather’s API is fantastic but we save you a lot of time and effort working out how to use it plus we’ve value added it.

In addition to the weather, we provide a bunch of other useful fields you can use in your bot like an icon indicating sunny, cloudy, rainy, stormy etc., plus Beaufort wind force rating, cloud descriptions and tomorrow’s forecast. You can even get the weather and wind in “x” hours time from now which is great for tour operators needing to know weather conditions at the time of their tours and customers booking tours at certain times.

Good morning ManyChat!

If you’ve been using ManyChat you’ll know it lacks some date and time functions and even getting it to display “Good morning” is impossible as there is no function to get the current time in your timezone. So we’ve made that easy too. Plus, you can format a date/time field using the parameters of the PHP DATE function giving you lots of functionality.

This saves you having to call other external services like Zapier.

The API has been thoroughly tested with ManyChat and is being used by bots we’ve developed for our customers like King George Sound Safari. If you are using other bot development systems, please get in contact with us and let us know what system you’re using and we’ll test it out. There is a high chance of it working if it can accept data in JSON format.

If you’re interested in testing out our API free for 14 days, please get in contact with us.

The API is hosted on secure enterprise servers running across multiple availability zones with Amazon Web Services in Sydney, Australia.

How much does access to the API cost?

USD $6.95 per month or USD $69.95 per year if paid yearly.

AUD $9.95 per month or AUD $99.95 per year if paid yearly (both including GST).

If you are in need of other functions or services for your bots, let us know and we’ll see if we can provide them. We also provide custom bot and software development services.

Align Systems' POS Chat App wins innovation award for the Gumeracha Hotel

Our POS Chat app makes the news!

The Mount Barker Courier in South Australia published a story about how the Gumeracha Hotel in the Adelaide Hills won an Excellence award in the ‘Recognition of Adaption & Innovation’ category by the Australian Hotels Association SA using our Messenger POS Chat app – meaning they will represent SA in the AHA National Awards, to be held in Hobart on February 7 next year.